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This page, as it stood in March 18, is available, translated by humans, into Polish, by Marek.

Flat Earth Academy
Department of Astronomy-- Table of Contents

As with many of the subjects considered in the Flat Earth Academy, this page is incomplete. I will try to produce more information for you in due course. In the meantime, what do you think of what is on offer so far?

Astronomy is about what happens in the heavens. And, as The Earth would be part of "the heavens" if you were, say, on the moon, aspects of the earth and what it does are part of astronomy.

Solar Eclipse, March 2015: How I "saw" it in southen England.... despite clouds!

Who says the earth isn't flat?

"They" say that the earth isn't flat... but how do YOU know? I would not recommend telling people that you think the earth is flat. But how do you know it isn't? And how big is it, while you are at it.

Science involves measuring

You can't get very far in any science without measuring things.

The following pages of the Astronomy Department of the Flat Earth Academy contain challenges for you. (And very few facts to learn.)

Clocks- measuring time... What is time? We'll hve to figure out that another time. It is a huge question. These pages talk about a wooden clock made from a kit from Abong. (They are at my newer site, wywtk.co... don't be alarmed at the change of URL).

The sun. Measure it. How big is the sun? Or, how far away is it from the earth?

Sundials. What time is it? How long is a "day"? A year?

The sun. Where is it?... A... Where in the sky? Now? Where will it be two hours from now? A month ago at this time? When seen from here? When seen from Tombuktu? Etc. (See also next topic!)

The sun. Where is it?... B... Asks the same questions as the previous topic... but addresses them more directly, and as a project for a team... or a dedicated singleton.

Cassini's Meridian in Bologna. Notes on an important measuring device... and on a sumptious book!

The universe... but no "Life", and not (quite) "Everything"

Forgive the nod to Douglas Adams, if it was too labored?

In this part of the Astronomy section index, I am trying to take you, logically, and in "bite sized" chunks just what is in the universe, anyway? It turned out to be a bigger project than I realized.

An overview of the "stuff" in the skies above our heads. Introduction to the various things we look at in more detail in sub-pages. Probably best to start here, as it tries to make clear how the bits fit together.

Constellations and the Zodiac. A "detail" page. Even if you only learn one or two, that will be a useful start.

Planets. How the planets were first spotted. What makes them "different", just looking at them, with the naked eye, in the sky.

If you want to know something about the true dimensions of the solar system... diameters of objects, diameters orbits, you are in luck. I have a page for you about that. (That's where the link in the first sentence takes you.)

Lines In the Sky. "Right ascension" and "declination": A system of coordinates for what is overhead, so that any object's location can be specified quickly, easily (when you know how) and precisely.

To come... pages on...

---The seasons, on earth and elsewhere
---Notable specific objects
---Earth's Moon

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