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Biology: The Main Groups- the Plant Kingdom

This is a work in progress... please bear with me, come back and watch it grow? Send constructive suggestions?

What you see below might be seen as an outline for what will eventually be spread across multiple pages.

Plants make their own food. They use chlorophyll to do this. It is green, thus plants are generally green, although sometimes stronger colors mask the green.

While I have adapted the material found there, I must thank Wikipedia for helping me organize my thoughts.

Working from the simpler plants to the more complex ones, the kingdom may be split into sub-groups (roughly corresponding to phyla) as follows....

I hope to have sub-pages for each of those groups for you before November 2010. Please write and complain if this note remains on 1 November.

This page is still under construction. Complain if this note hasn't been updated by 22 October? I hope you will agree that what is above is worth something as it stands??

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