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Biology: The Main Groups- the Animal Kingdom

This is a work in progress... please bear with me, come back and watch it grow? Send constructive suggestions?

The following cheats some groups of animals by lumping in that "misc" group... and I may "promote" some of them in due course... but for now, here are some important groups for you to know about.

Please, by the way, do not use the term "invertebrates". It is like saying that the color of blood is "not green". Saying that something is "not a vertebrate" doesn't narrow things down usefully, and it implies that some very un-related things are somehow all in the same group.

I know the list of phyla for the animal kingdom is rather long... I will try to do something about at least suggesting a sub-set for your initial studies. It is also not in any sensible order, yet.

Eventually, I hope to have sub-pages for more of those groups for you. But as long as you can produce that list, and after you've studied the details of the chordata and arthropods, I think you have a sufficient outline of the animals.

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