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The Flat-Earth-Academy Guide To


Flat-Earth-Academy.com is supposed to offer things you should find in schools. Some of the "things" are meant to be foundation knowledge. Others try to demonstrate that struggling with ideas can have rewards.

I hope eventually to expand the "Money" department in several directions....

But! For now... this page is merely provides a link, later, to one of the "try to convince you that struggling with ideas can be fun" pages (CryptCurr.htm)... Oh, apart from mentioning that I DO have a fairly extensive... some might say overly so!... set of pages about "investing": Doing things with your money which should leave you more wealthy later. If I buy an ice-cream cone, I have spent that money. If I buy the right fine painting, at the right price, and five years from now I can sell it for more money, even allowing for the expenses of buying, owning and selling the painting, then I successfully invested the money. (The pages I've written mostly consider investing in the stock market.)

I've done a separate page on crypto-currencies, in particular Bitcoin. This is a topic which you don't "need" to know about, but which I hope you will find interesting

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