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The plants producing seeds- a plant kingdom "phylum"

This is a work in progress... please bear with me, come back and watch it grow? Send constructive suggestions?

What you see below might be seen as an outline for what will eventually be spread across multiple pages.

The seeded plants are all plants. The group is like a "phylum" (next level subdivision) of the plant kingdom. ("Phylum" is in quotes, because botanists don't use that term, but "Seeded plants" is one of the sub-groups the plant kingdom is divided into, so I think it is okay to think of it as a phylum!)

The Seeded plants

The Flat Earth Academy is not trying to be Yet Another Wikipedia, by the way. I strongly encourage you to go to Wikipedia, graze in the fields of near limitless knowledge. But if you work through what the Flat Earth Academy offers, you will, I hope, feel that you are building a framework of basic knowledge. Without the framework, whatever you can manage to retain from Wikipedia browsing will only ever be just so many scraps of paper with little factoids scribbled on them.

I shall try to do sub-pages about the following, but for now, here is an outline guide to the seeded plants.

The two great groups are....

In addition to those major groups there are some perhaps interesting oddities.... (You don't need to remember these.)

The seeded plants all have vascular tissue, as did the ferns (but not the ). However, instead of reproducing by spores, tiny little things, they produce seeds.

A seed is a complex "package" containing a "tiny plant", a supply of food, and a protective outer covering.

"Seeded plant" is not the same as "flowering plant", by the way. One is a sub-group of the other. You knew that! (Which way 'round is it?)

Besides some obvious seeds like sunflower seeds, there is a vast range of other things which are also seeds, e.g. almost everything we call a nut. Also things like grains of wheat, rice, etc. Also tiny seeds, like poppy seeds or the seeds of a dandelion (the tiny black thing beneath the "parachute".) Fruits (apple, orange, tomato, etc, etc) all contain seeds.

The biggest things ever to live are plants... the giant redwoods. The oldest living individual organisms on the planet are plants- certain bristlecone pines. While a human is doing well to live to 100, and an oak tree might live for nearly 1000 years (although it is said they spend the last 300 dying), there are individual bristlecone pines which have been alive since about the time the great pyramid at Giza was built. If you go back to the time of Christ, you have to go back that far AGAIN to reach the time that the pyramid and the old tree began. And some people think plants are "boring".

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