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Flat Earth Academy

Sorry folks... I've changed my mind AGAIN. (30 July 16). Only twice (in this matter) in several years... and it only affects my "site visit" records and your bookmarks.

Just click here for The Flat Earth Academy's homepage from 30 July 16. It has old material, just a new web location.

It's like this...

I was using a bad name for where you go if you enter just "flat-earth-academy.com". And I tried to fix that. But I did it badly. And then I "thought about it" for a while. Now, 30 July 16, I think I've found the way I want it from now on.

All YOU have to do, if you even choose to do that much is...

AFTER you go to the true, final homepage for the site....

Re-do your Facebook "Like", and your Google "Plus". If you would be so kind. And change your old bookmark, if takes you here.


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