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Cash Prizes on offer (file:- ChallAdvHex-prizerules.htm)

I am offering cash prizes for good write ups of participants' experiences and results in the advanced mapping-by-triangulation challenge I've posted on the web.

Unless your entry is extremely weak in my eyes, or fails to supply enough of the following, the first three entries are guaranteed a "for effort" prize. The decision of the judge... me... is final. Sorry. (Search the web for complaints about non-delivery on any promise by Flat-Earth-Academy, and let me know if you find something, if you doubt my sincerity!)

There are two reasons for the offer of prize money...

So... for an entry to qualify for prize money, I need good images of...

I would like to credit whatever organization was responsible for the challenge's delivery. Please supply details of how you would like that information to appear.

To ensure my accountability, I need permission SOME indication of the organization which claimed the prize. Tell me what form you want that to take.

If you are a parent-paid-for-school, I need to confirm that. Please give me the school's website.

If you are a paid-for-by-taxpayer school, you'll need to nominate a charity (US or UK) to receive the prize money. I will still need the school's website, in order to evaluate who I am dealing with. This may well include a letter or email to the school, to verify that the challenge organizer actually works at the school claimed. Cautious? Moi? This is the internet!

Apply common sense...

Remember why I am offering the prize money: I want material to add to this page, to help illustrate what the challenge entails.

If you keep that in mind, you can put together a submission that is likely to win the "best of first three" bonus money.

Besides the "basic map" which is obviously of interest, a map showing the different ideas for where X, Y, and Z were would be of interest. ("Different ideas": The placed the different participants placed those points)

If you did the fancy calculations for "who was closest", those figures, as "web ready" as possible will be welcome.

Please include an explicit note confirming that you understand that any material you submit may appear on the web, and that you release the copyright on that material, and have permission for "unfuzzed" images of individual's faces to appear, and that you will not be expecting any payment for the material.

Suggestions for improving the challenge, or for the pages describing it, are of course welcome. If you contact me, "Mapping Challenge Competition" would be a helpful subject line.

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