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Flat Earth Academy

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Please help! Try some of the Academy's offerings!

This is the homepage for a site I wanted to build for many years. A few years ago, a few tiny starts were made.

It may leave much to be desired still... but I hope it also has some Good Stuff? Maybe not, considering the limited feedback, Facebook "Likes", etc.

The Flat Earth Academy is a website where any enterprising person can learn useful "stuff". My background is in the sciences, so there is more Good Stuff from there, for the moment.

Material of two sorts is provided to you here...

My introduction to chemistry has had a lot of work.

Also in science, there's a discussion of measuring, in general, and in particular the challenges of making instruments.

I've also made a pretty extensive start on the Flat Earth Academy guide to biology.

A start has been made on an Astronomy Department. At the moment, there are several pages more about how we can make for ourselves some measuring instruments that about "facts".

There's a few things in the Geography department, just "you might find interesting" items, rather that a "This you should try to know". There's a discussion of when and how we found the highest point on earth, and a note on drawing angles without a protractor, which might be useful in the also discussed "making your own maps... by triangulation."

The Mathematics department has been started with pages about codes and encryption. There are also links from here to other, more mature, material on the subject, from the same author.

Please also consider my extensive course on using an Arduino (a great microprocessor for schools or hobbyists of any age) which is put together under the philosophy of the Flat Earth Academy. The microprocessor course is finished; the Academy is a-building!

The History Department is barely started, but it does have one gem: Transcriptions of letters from 1945 relating the experiences of a Dutch girl, aged about 12 at the start or World War II. Her experiences were not as extreme as her near contemporary and fellow Hollander Anne Frank, but she is relating another story from the same time and place.

The History department also has some pages about timelines.

Money. Root of all evil? A subject for discussion. But evil or not, there's a lot to know, on many levels, and being ignorant about aspects of personal finance and/or economics can bring misery into your life very quickly. The Money pages of Flat-Earth-Academy (economics, personal finance, more), for now, are extremely limited. It consists of a perhaps too-much-information discussion of stock market investing, and an "unnecessary" (but, I hope, interesting to some!) discussion, in technical terms, of how bitcoin works.

Is it History? Electronics? Computing... and it is NOT as didactic as some of the material at the Flat Earth Academy... but whatever it is, I have a page discussing one core circuit diagram (that of the shift register) from what was, in some ways, the world's first computer... the machine built by a large team at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS... in, but no of Princeton, NJ) in the second half of the 1940s. The machine on which much work was done to create the first H-Bomb. The subject of Dyson's wonderful book, Turings Cathedral. The page presents a challenge... can you help me see how to re-create that ciruit in modern electronics. It should not be hard!!

The globe to the right helps me see if doing these pages is worth the time it takes. It is interactive; play with it, if you wish. (You need to use your browser's "back" button to get back here after doing so.) The only information the system records is when visitors access the site, and where their ISP connected them to the internet. (In my case, that is 60 miles from where I live, at the moment.)

This comes to me as a free service from Revolvermaps.com. If you know how to insert HTML into your own web pages, it is easily added.

I was a teacher for twenty years. I taught 8 year olds, and I taught courses equivalent to the first year of US university. So I hope I have an idea of what might be a useful framework of knowledge for any "educated" person.

I also left teaching... along with 100,000 other qualified teachers in the UK... before I reached retirement age. So you may assume that I take a somewhat skeptical view of what goes on in schools.

I hope that what you find here will be useful, and perhaps even, in some cases, interesting to readers of all ages. I would welcome your thoughts.... is the site of any use? Where are you, broadly speaking... say the nearest large city to you? How old are you? What do you/ did you think of your schooling? I don't need your email address, if you (or anyone controlling your internet use) are worried about that. If you do supply it, I have no plans to "sell it on", pester you with marketing emails, etc. But think about it: There's no point in me to putting that on this page, is there? If I am scrupulous, I wouldn't do those things. If I am unscrupulous, I would put something like that here, and then do those things anyway, wouldn't I? Think about what I said: "Think about it...". That is one of my reasons for creating this site. I want you to think more... as a habit, all the time, as your life slips past....

"Thinking" is all well and good. You need to develop your thinking skills. Knowing stuff comes in handy, too, and you can do more about your fund of knowledge than you can about your capacity to think.

So... have a dip into these pages. See how much you know already. See if you can learn a few new things. If you send positive feedback, I will try to expand the Flat Earth Academy. If no one finds it of any use, I'll spare myself the work.

I hope that sometimes the pages here will be assigned to schoolchildren and students as homework. I believe that suggestions on a page I've done for teachers will help the learners benefit more from the work, and give the teachers useful information. I know that if you are kind enough to take up the suggestion, and send me the results, they will be of interest to me. (And "private readers" are very welcome to follow the procedure explained as well... again, for the benefit of both of us, I hope.)

Besides the topics mentioned above, there are two pages in the site, two brief notes about things I thought kind of neat in science....

A page about a bird's unusual choice for a nest site.

A page about a plant's unusual roots.

My main site is Sheepdog Software

And there's also my Arunet site.

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